Terms Of Service

How It Work

The user (you) will generate tickets based on proof of work, we use your computer resources for that(proccessor, ram,....).

At the end of lottery cycle (1 month) the money generated from tickets in form of XMR Split To:

-50% of are converted into BTC and sent to the lottery winner

-10% of are converted into BTC and sent to affiliates based on their shares.

-15% go to the site funds for improvement and costs

-25% deposited into the new lottery cycle funds

Lottery Cycle

The lottery cycle is 1 month long start from 1 to last day of that month (28,29,30 or 31).

the winner is one of the tickets generated at the period.

Winner Select

The winning ticket is based on simple formula with fair play policy

The winning ticket = the closest ticket to the lowest block in btc block chain of the day past the lottery cycle.

Detailed Steps:

step 1: if lottery take place in january from 1 to 31 we wait till the end day of 1 february

step 2: get all blocks generated in 1 february from 00:00:00:000 til 23:59:59:999 UTC Time

step 3: get the lowest block from that list (convert to big int and compare)

step 4: get the last 16 hex chars from the block and convert to big int

step 5: compare it to tickets list and get the closest to that number as winner

note: if we get two tickets with same distance to the wining number, we shift by 1 on the block and do the proccess again to select wich one of them is winner.

note: all tickets accessible at any time so users can make sure that there no forgery or added later tickets.


Affiliates can promote our website in exchange of 10% from each ticket the refered users generated.

Tickets generated can be seen in real time.

Earning can be seen after cycle end where everything is calculated.

Payout happen monthly after winner anouncment.

Payout sent only if affiliate reach 1mbtc in balance, if less payment carried out to next month.

Third Parties

We use external pow provider for now, we will create our own if we get enough users.


No private info is gathered from our users except your email only if you contacted us.

Your email will never be shared and will only be used to notify you about your request progress.


We use cookies to track affiliate and auth sessions only.

Third parties we have on our pages (ads, tools, etc...) could use cookies as well.